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Coordinator of the Faculty

Professor Dr. Linda Juang

E-Mail: juanguni-potsdamde

  • Contact person for internationals!
  • Internationalization Concept of the Faculty of Human Science (further information)
  • general information on international students and applicants (further information)
  • in the deans office Mrs. Iris Lüßen-Koch supports the Coordinator of the Faculty
  • Deputy representative of the Faculty is PD Dr. Frank Burchert.

Tutor for international students

K. Kunkel
Photo: privat

Katharina Kunkel 

E-Mail:  huwitutoruni-potsdamde

Office hour: Wednesday 8.30 - 9.30 a.m. via Zoom, Code: 35148866

                        ... or by prior arrangement via email.

Katharina Kunkel is a student at the University of Potsdam and works as a tutor for international students. You can contact her if you need help concerning:

  • organising your timetable
  • course enrolment via PULS
  • any other study-related questions
  • or if you just need an open ear!


K. Kunkel
Photo: privat

Writing consulting for international students

Christian Wollgast
Photo: privat

Christian Wollgast - Peer Tutor 

E-Mail: huwi-writinguni-potsdamde

Academic writing does not come to us naturally. If you experience any difficulties writing academic texts such as term papers or your bachelor’s / master’s thesis in English, I am here to help.

You can contact me if you need support or advice…

  • formulating a good research topic / question for your text
  • reviewing relevant literature and structuring your text
  • starting and continuing to write
  • writing scientific English or writing in English as a second/foreign language
  • revising and correcting your text
  • planning your work process
  • FAQ Writing consulting english
Christian Wollgast
Photo: privat