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A Focus on People

Since its founding as the Philosophical Faculty II 25 years ago, the Faculty of Human Sciences has developed into a modern and interdisciplinary teaching and research facility dedicated to the educational, cognitive, and health sciences. The Faculty’s flagship project is the Collaborative Research Center “Limits of Variability in Language.” Linguists and psychologists explore variability in linguistic behaviors and its limitations in grammatical systems and language usage. The Faculty is also a central authority for teacher training in the state of Brandenburg, offering the educational and psychological degree programs for all teaching professions, and is primarily responsible for the study courses of the prospective primary school teachers. The chairs of health sciences are another priority at the Faculty. Together with other institutions of the federal state of Brandenburg, some of these chairs are involved in the Faculty of Health Sciences and are breaking new ground in basic and healthcare research. The courses offered by these departments are therefore diverse, ranging from broad-based bachelor’s programs, for example in psychology or educational sciences, to highly specialized, international, and combined master’s and doctoral programs, including the field of health prevention and rehabilitation. Last but not least, the Faculty of Human Sciences provides psychotherapy consultancy services and has a university outpatient clinic to transfer the latest research results into practical applications.