Dr. Hilkje Hänel
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Dr. Hilkje Hänel


Currently, I'm thinking about and working on the intersection of recognition theory, epistemic injustice and ideology critique from a feminist point of view. I'm also interested in ontological questions about disability and impairment, migration and testimonial injustice, the relation between friendship and romantic love together with Katharine Jenkins (University of Nottingham), on different forms of epistemic injustice together with Christine Bratu (LMU Munich), and on old and new conceptions of ideology and ideology critique and its relation to non-ideal theory together with Johanna Müller (Humboldt-University of Berlin). I was an executive board member of SWIP Germany from 2014 to 2018 and I’m a member of the academic advisory council “Suicidal crisis Intervention Culture oriented and Gender Adapted“ at the Center for Psychiatry und Psychotherapy Charité Berlin as well as a member of the Ethic Advisory Council of Cadus.

More info can be found here: https://hilkje-haenel.weebly.com/

Some of my papers can be found here: https://wipcad-potsdam.academia.edu/HilkjeCharlotteHaenel

Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy (Metaphysics and Epistemology), Applied Ethics
Critical Theory, Social Ontology and Epistemology, Philosophy of Sex and Gender, Philosophy of Disability



Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin at the Chair of Political Theory, Department of Political Science, Potsdam University

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin at the Chair of Practical Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, FU Berlin

Parental leave (June - Sept)



2012 — 2018
PhD in Philosophy, Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Philosophy (defended January 2018)
Thesis: “Rape: Conceptual Problems and Pragmatic Solutions”, Advisors: Prof. Dr. Mari Mikkola (University of Oxford), Prof. Dr. Sally Haslanger (MIT), Prof. Dr. Gabriel Wollner (Humboldt University)

oct — dec 2015
PhD Visiting Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy; Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sally Haslanger

2010 — 2011
MA in Philosophy, University of Sheffield, Department of Philosophy
Thesis: “The Problem of Defining ‘Rape’” (with distinction); Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jennifer Saul

2007 — 2010
BA in Philosophy and English Literature, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Department of Philosophy / Department of English Studies
Thesis: “Pornographie als philosophisches Problem bei Rae Langton” (trans.: Pornography as a Philosophical Problem in Rae Langton’s Writings); Advisor: Prof. Dr. Holmer Steinfath



What Is Rape? Social Theory and Conceptual Analysis, transcript Publishers
forthcoming 2021
Wer hat Angst vorm Feminismus, under contract with C.H. Beck
forthcoming 2021
Sex und Moral - Passt das zusammen?, Metzler (Series #PhilosophieOrientiert, edited by Thomas Grundmann)

Book Reviews of What Is Rape?:
Review by Caleb Ward, APA Newsletter Feminism & Philosophy 19(1)
Review by Laura Wolters, Soziopolis, March 2019

forthcoming 2020
“What Rape Can Tell Us About Conceptual Amelioration”, Journal of Social Philosophy

“Who’s to Blame? Hermeneutical Misfire, Forward-Looking Responsibility, and Collective Accountability“, Social Epistemology, Special Issue on Epistemic Injustice and Collective Wrongdoing

“Varieties of Hermeneutical Injustice: A Blueprint” (with Christine Bratu), Moral Philosophy and Politics

"Hermeneutical Injustice, (Self-)Recognition, and Academia”, Hypatia 35(2)
"What Is a Sexist Ideology? Or: Why Grace Didn't Leave", Ergo
“Power, Pedagogy, and the “Women Problem”: Ameliorating Philosophy”, Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis

2015 / 2016
“Pornographie: Eine philosophische Betrachtung”, 360º Das studentische Journal für Politik und Gesellschaft

“Der Begriff der Vergewaltigung als Amelioratives Projekt”, XXIII. Kongressband, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie, Michael Quante (ed.)

Einleitung zur deutschen Übersetzung von Rae Langtons “Speech Acts and Unspeakable Acts”
“Feminist Pornography and Philosophy: The Past, the Present and the Future” (co-written with Prof. Mari Mikkola), in: Beyond Speech: Pornograpphy and Analytic Feminist Philosophy, Oxford University Books, edited by Prof. Dr. Mari Mikkola

forthcoming 2020
“Analyzing Social Wrongs”, Special Issue in Journal of Social Philosophy, co-edited with Odin Kroeger & Prof. Dr. Sally Haslanger

forthcoming 2021

 Book Symposia Serene Khader’s Decolonizing Universalism: A Transnational Feminist Ethic (with Fabian Schuppert), Zeitschrift für Praktische Philosophie

 forthcoming 2022

„Epistemische Ungerechtigkeiten“, Zeitschrift für Praktische Philosophie


TALKS 2021 (planned)

““The Concept of Woman: A Side of Feminist Contention”: SWIP Workshop 21.-22. Januar 2021 ‘What is Woman?’, Universität Hamburg

“NN” (noch ohne Titel und Datum):

  • -  Research Colloquium, Department of Philosophy, University Bern
  • -  Keynote at Philosophy of Sex Conference, HU Berlin & Göttingen University 

TALKS 2020

“No Means Yes: Epistemic Oppression, Hermeneutical Gaps and Moral Culpability”, Understanding Gendered Violence: The Value of Testimonial and Qualitative Evidence Workshop, University of Cambridge
“Epistemic Injustice, Recognition and Refugees”, Conference Migration and Recognition Theory, University of Salzburg
“No Means Yes? Sexist Ideology, Hermeneutical Misfire, and Accountability”, Feminist Philosophy Lecture Series, University Regensburg
“Rectifying Testimonial Injustice for Refugees”, Kolloquium Politische Theorie, Hochschule für Politik München
"NN", Workshop “Feministische Perspektiven auf die Globalisierung” am Arbeitsschwerpunkt Ethik der Globalisierung, Universität Kassel
"NN", Forschungskolloquium, Department of Philosophy, University Bern

Sprechstunde und Kontakt

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Adresse: Universität Potsdam, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Professur für Politische Theorie, August-Bebel-Str. 89, 14482 Potsdam

Telefon: +49 331-977-3388

E-Mail: hilkje.charlotte.haenel(Yy)uni-potsdam.de

Dr. Hilkje Hänel
Foto: Hilkje Hänel