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At the University of Potsdam's Institute for Geosciences an academic staff member position as project coordinator will be filled from 01.01.2020 under the position number 279/2019. The position is a 20 hour/week (50 %) position, limited until 31.08.2022. 

full description (in German only)

Academic Staff Member

At the University of Potsdam's Institute for Geosciences a position as an academic staff member will be filled from 01.01.2020 under the position’s number 280/2019. The position is a 26 hours/week (65 %) position, limited until 31.08.2022

full description (in German only)

Highlights from Earth System Science

Powdered with Ash or Covered in Ice

Volcanic Eruptions and Meltwater Lakes


Iceland’s Boiling Ground

how to predict volcanic eruptions earlier


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