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Education key aspects

Degree programs:

The academic education is oriented on international standards. Interdisciplinary and problem-oriented education, a broad range of course offerings (sometimes offered together with our extramural research partners), an early involvement of students in recent research topics, as well as opportunities of international exchanges (e.g., Erasmus-Program, Dual Bachelor program International Field Geosciences, German-Argentine University Network) are cornerstones of the education program.

· Bachelor of Science (BSc): Geosciences, Geoecology, International Field Geosciences (Dual Degree Bachelor)

· Master of Science (MSc): Geosciences (incl. specialization on Geology/ Mineralogy/ Geophysics), Geoecology, Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization

· International Master of Science (MSc Biologie): VolkswagenFoundation Masters Program Evolution across Scales

· International Master of Arts (MA) Public Management: Geogovernance

Also contributing to the BEd und MEd Lehramt Geographie.

The Department of Earth Sciences is planning to establish a Ph.D. program that is more oriented toward Environmental and Earth Sciences. Based on effective programs out the established Graduate School and the DFG-Leibniz center, the Ph.D. education should be top-ranked and internationally renowned.