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Focal points of education

University teaching is being expanded in line with international standards. The focus of student education is on interdisciplinary, problem-oriented teaching, a comprehensive and attractive range of courses (which is enriched by lecturers from non-university partners, among others), the early involvement of students in current research projects, international exchange opportunities (including in the Erasmus program), as well as the early development of talent and promotion of young scientists.


B. Sc. Geosciences
M. Sc. Geosciences, Specialization Geology
M. Sc. Geosciences, Specialization Petrology/Mineralogy
M. Sc. Geosciences, Specialization Geophysics
M. Sc. Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization (RSIV)


B. Sc. Geoecology
M. Sc. Geoecology
M. Sc. Climate, Earth, Water and Sustainability (CLEWS)


BEd Geography
MEd Geography