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Welcome to the University of Potsdam’s Research Focus of Earth Sciences


The main objective of the Research Focus Earth and Environmental Systems is the interdisciplinary investigation of the System Earth. Within the Research Focus, we follow an interdisciplinary approach - therefore, the Institute of Geosciences and the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Geography work closely together to understand interactions and cascading processes across spheres such as the geo-, bio-, climate and anthroposphere.

A primary focus is the analysis of interactions of the relationship between Man and Earth. This commonly exhibits wide, complex, and sometimes non-linear reactions, causing nearly unpredictable changes in our environment, often with catastrophic and sometimes irreversible consequences.


Research on these topics covers interactions between processes in the Earth's interior and its surface as well as ensuing environmental effects on different temporal and spatial scales. The purpose of such examinations is to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the whole system, to measure the interference of different processes with one another, to estimate impacts on society, and to facilitate our future ability to manage such processes, to the greatest extent possible.