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Bachelor’s degree program in International Field Geosciences (IFG)

The University of Potsdam is the first German institution of higher education to offer an international bachelor of science degree program in the geosciences. The BSc in International Field Geosciences is directed at students with a pronounced interest in the earth and environmental sciences, as well as field work. The University of Montana (USA) and University College Cork (Ireland) are program partners. The program is unique for its focused field work training, as well as the awarding of a German and American BSc degree.

The program's first five students began their studies in the winter semester of 2008/2009. Three students from Potsdam are currently on an exchange at the University of Montana, and two students from Montana have been on an exchange in Potsdam since the winter semester.

Bi-national program of study

Bi-national degree programs are gaining an important role in research. This is why the FSP is a member of the German-Argentine University Center CUAA-DAHZ. Joint education of doctoral candidates has been conducted since late 2014 in the context of a Cotutelle de Thèse project (more information). Six Argentine students and four German students have taken advantage of this opportunity thus far.

Working together with the Universidad Nacional de Salta and other partners, we submitted an application in 2017 to restructure the program so that we can provide more support to more students.


In a similar vein, efforts have progressed on the establishment of a cooperative program for doctoral education between the Yachay Tech University in Ecuador and the University of Potsdam’s Faculty of Science. The first doctoral candidates in this program will be able to register in the summer semester 2017 at the University of Potsdam.