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Writing Night

Wordcloud mit Teilnahmegründen an der Langen Nacht
Photo: Wittkowski / Zessko

The "Writing Night for Deferred Academic Papers" was first organised by the European University Viadrina in 2010. Nowadays, it has become a regular offer by Writing Centres all over the world.

Our next Writing Night will take place in the lecture-free period of the summer semester 2023.

We meet at Campus Am Neuen Palais, house 19. 

We offer counselling and workshops in English. 

There will be a common buffet - we would be very happy about a contribution. We also offer drinks. Please bring your own dishes!

To get an impression: Below you will find the entire programme of our last Writing Night on 2nd of March 2023. 

All further details will be published here.

Registration begins two weeks before the event here

We are looking forward to welcoming you :)!

Programme "Writing Night", 2nd of March, 4-11 pm

 Workshops and moreCouncelingWriting SpaceSnack & Relax
3:45 pm Reception (germ. / engl.)   
4 pm Arrival, orientation and setting up your workstation     
4:15 pmOfficial welcome (germ. / engl.)   
4:30 pmWorkshop: Tips and tricks for database research (University Library) (german)Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.), One University for Everyone, ZIM (german)

Writing input,
approx. 10 min. (german)

5 pm Workshop: Tips und tricks for Word (ZIM) (german)Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.), One University for Everyone, UB  (german) Break with play (germ. / engl.)
5:30 pmWorkshop: Decision-making competences
(One University for Everyone) (german)
Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.), ZIM, University Library, UB  (german)  
6 pm  Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.), One University for Everyone, ZIM, UB (german)Writing input,
approx. 10 min. (germ. / engl.)
Pausenexpress, Academic Sports Center (german)
6:30 pm Workshop: Which type of writer am I? (german)Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.), One University for Everyone, ZIM (german)  
7 pm  Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.), One University for Everyone (german)  
7:30 pmWorkshop: Timing and motivation (english)Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.) Pausenexpress, Academic Sports Center (german)
8 pm  Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.)Writing input,
approx. 10 min. (germ./engl.)
8:30 pmWorkshop: Cite like a pro (german)Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.)  
8:45 pm Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.) Nightwalk (germ./engl.)
9:30 pmWorkshop: Reading techniques (english)Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.)Writing input,
approx. 10 min. (german)
till 11 pm Writing Assistance (germ. / engl.)  

We organised digital Writing Nights in 2021 and 2022 because of the coronavirus. Platforms like or brought students closer together and created the feeling of interacting on a personal basis in times of social distancing.

Just like any other Night, we offered mini workshops, answered individual questions regarding the different phases of the writing process, and supported you when it comes to technical problems and formatting difficulties. We also offered short yoga or breathing breaks when relaxation was needed. Those having attended without a specific writing project profit from the productive and motivating atmosphere in order to plan new projects or to learn.