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Writing Night

Wordcloud mit Teilnahmegründen an der Langen Nacht
Photo: Wittkowski / Zessko

The "Writing Night for Deferred Academic Papers" was first organised by the European University Viadrina in 2010. Nowadays, it has become a regular offer by Writing Centres all over the world.

Our next Writing Night will take place on 7th of March 2024, 4 pm -11 pm! 

We will meet at the University library, IKMZ, Golm. We offer counselling and workshops in English!

Registration begins three weeks before the event here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you :)!


To get an impression have a look at the programme of our Writing Night!

Programme Writing Night 7th of March 2024:

Workshops (unless otherwise noted, each about 30-45 minutes):

4:30 pm: Literaturverwaltung mit Citavi Web alternativ Literaturverwaltung mit Zotero (German)(Kathrin Agethen, Dr. Ulrike Ziler, UB)
5:15 pm: Motivation (Englisch) (Fiona Wünsch, Schreibberatung)
6 pm: Aufschieben ist auch (k)eine Lösung (German)(Ulrike Sträßner, Zentrale Studienberatung)
6:45 pm: Research beyond the Paywall: an Open Access Toolkit (Englisch) (UB)
7:30 pm: Recherchieren ist (k)eine Kunst - Basics der Literaturrecherche (German)(Dr. Ulrirke Ziler, UB)
8:15 pm: Formatieren mit Word (German)(Marie Nickel, ZIM)
9:00 pm: Richtig zitieren, Plagiate vermeiden (German)(Dominic Anton, Schreibberatung)

The individual consultations are conducted by

Writing Assistance
University library
Central Student Advisory Service

We organised digital Writing Nights in 2021 and 2022 because of the coronavirus. Platforms like or brought students closer together and created the feeling of interacting on a personal basis in times of social distancing.

Just like any other Night, we offered mini workshops, answered individual questions regarding the different phases of the writing process, and supported you when it comes to technical problems and formatting difficulties. We also offered short yoga or breathing breaks when relaxation was needed. Those having attended without a specific writing project profit from the productive and motivating atmosphere in order to plan new projects or to learn.