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Language Tandems

Tandem Models

Graphic of Tandem Models: a street sign with pavement arrows as metaphor for the free and the supervised tandem (3 CPs (credit points) possible).
Photo: Paul Kruth


This semester, supervised tandem language learning (with credit points)as well as support for open/free tandem language partnerships (without credits) will be offered in German and/or in English.


Students and UP staff who are not sure about taking the "Supervised tandem language learning" course, or who are interested in it and would just like to know a little more about it, are invited to participate in an introductory online meeting on

Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 16:15 in the zoom room to get a quick overview and ask any questions that they may have.

No password (Kenncode) needed.

Contact details for both tandem forms can be acccessed here.

What are the differences between the tandem models?

Free TandemSupervised Tandem
  • Optional tutorial advising                 
  • Earn 3 credits / ECTS points
  • Mandatory supervision by a Zessko instructor
  • Partners set learning content and intensity                                                                                                              
  • No credit points awarded                                

Still looking for a language tandem partner? Do not hesitate to sign up for ...
Zessko's Language Tandem Moodle containing a Partner Database.