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FAQs and Tips


Can you borrow books or other media from the Media Center?

What exactly can you do in the Media Center?

Can you make copies or print things out in the Media Center?

Where do you find specific media?

Can I watch DVDs and videos in the Media Center?

Do instructors make materials available in the Media Center?

How do I get to the exchange folder in the network drive?

Where can I lock up my bag?

Can you record language exercises in the Media Center?

Are there workstations for students?

Can students borrow projectors or laptops?

Can students borrow dictionaries for a lecture at Zessko?

Can magazines be borrowed?

What languages will I find in the Media Center?

The following generally applies:

  • Please lock up bags, jackets, and other personal items in the lockers, and remove them at the latest before the Media Center closes.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are not allowed.
  • Be considerate to others - speaking on the phone or any other noisy activities should be avoided.
  • The Media Center is not a lending library. Selected media, especially those for the preparation of presentations, are available for a brief loan, meaning overnight or over the weekend. A loan is only possible if the user has his PUCK (Potsdam University's Chip Card) and signs our user agreement.
  • Please present any books, magazines, etc. that you bring into the Media Center.
  • Instructors’ semester materials can only be used for copying. Please put all of them back in place.
  • Holdings are freely accessible to all users and must be used in the individual work areas. Open access holdings should be placed on the book cart after use or given to a staff member.
  • All media are secured against theft; when you check these items out at the Student Information Desk, you will pay a deposit to unlock the materials, and they will be locked again when you return them. Please do not put them back on the shelf yourself.
  • The computer workstations are available to all students, with preference given to language-learning activities. Please note: for data security reasons we don't allow the use of USB drives. It is imperative that copyright law is observed.
  • Video and DVD workstations are also available to everyone without restriction. Please pick up and return remote controls from the Student Information Desk. Headphones are available at the workstations.
  • Further information is available in the user regulations document (see above).