Writing Assistance for German and English Texts

Due to the current situation, our consultations will be offered via Skype. Please book an appointment - we will contact you individually.

Consultations During the Semester 


DayTimeCampusRoom ServiceAdvisor


4.00 - 6.00 pm





Alina Gabriel   

Carolin Ganzer          


2.30 - 4.30 pm




IKMZ Library) red area, 4th floor, group working space no. 2

Individual Writing Assistance

Carolin Ganzer



10.00 am - 12.00 pm


Neues Palais

map (Office)

Individual Writing Assistance


Eva Dietrich

Ariane Wittkowski


A writing assistant will work together with you in one-on-one sessions on your writing project, whether it is a seminar paper, an essay, meeting minutes, a report, a portfolio, a letter of reference, a letter of introduction for a stay abroad, or your master's thesis. You can come to the Writing Assistance Program at any time in the beginning, middle, or end of your writing process. We will take a look together to see where you are and how you can continue. We offer exchange and methods to get your text, your writing process, and your organization in tip-top shape. We will provide feedback on your texts and will continue helping you beyond the different phases of writing and your projects.  You can decide whether you want to meet by appointment or during office hours. You can come to open office hours spontaneously and without an appointment if you want to get to know the Writing Assistance Program, to take a writing type test, or if you have an urgent need. You can decide for yourself when (beginning, middle, or end of the semester, or in the semester break), how often, and with which project you come to your session.

The assistance process doesn't just provide support for the person who is looking for help; it also helps us all the time to learn something new: about writing, about other academic subjects, and not least about people.

Upon request, you are welcome to send us a maximum of three pages prior to your appointment. Please be aware that longer texts will not be accepted!

Booking an appointment

Write us an email about what you need.

This will help us prepare for your session as well as we can.



If you urgently need a Writing Assistance Program appointment, we recommend that you take a quick look at our schedule; sometimes we have cancellations!