Writing in a Foreign Language

Writing in German as a second language

Writing: Erasmus, program and exchange students

For international students, doctoral candidates and employees: DaF language-learning advising

- Punctual and curricular learning advising
- Explanation of language-related phenomena, improving language-learning processes, help in defining learning goals and in overcoming learning blockades

Picture of an advising session

For international BA and MA students: “A successful start in university studies”

- Preparing for your studies and receiving assistance throughout
- Help in confronting the demands of the early semesters of university study, with subject-related and cross-disciplinary services

Globe with sharpener

For all students with German as a foreign or second language: Writing Assistance Program

- Interaction and methods for optimizing the process of writing in a foreign or second language
- Feedback on excerpts from academic texts written in German as a non-native language

Writing in English as a foreign language

“Just write” keyboard

For Students in the Department of English: English Tutorial - Written Expression

- Sessions/ one-on-one advising on working with written language (grammar, expression) in the semester break
- Connection to language courses: practice, deepen knowledge, prepare for examinations

Symbolic graph of an advising session’s flow

For students in all Faculties: English language-learning advising

Independent study with learning guidance (English)

Pencil with writing: .. no draft is perfect. That's why our pencils have erasers.

For students in all Faculties: Writing Assistance (for English-language texts)

- optimizing the writing process in a foreign language
-feedback to excerpts of academic texts in English