Present and deliver - Mastering the art of a good presentation

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes a good speaker from a great speaker? This workshop (two days) offered by Vortragscoaching is concerned with the delivery in situations of public speaking. Upgrade your presentation related English skills, tackle the difficulty of speaking freely and improve your nonverbal communication.


When? 12.01. and 19.01.2023 (Thu, 4-7 pm, presence course)

Where? Room

Convey your knowledge – A crash course on scientific presentations

Ein asynchrones englischsprachiges Angebot  zur Konzeption und Durchführung wissenschaftlicher Präsentationen auf Englisch.

A self-paced workshop offered by Vortragscoaching on how to convey scientific knowledge. Learn how to find purpose and relevance for your presentation, how to plan and structure your talk, how to make complex knowledge intuitive, and how to deal with a mysterious curse that befalls us when communicating.


Wo?  Anmeldung & Zugang über Moodle

Where? Registration and access via Moodle

You can register for the Moodle course lecture coaching via the link below: Current workshops in winter semester 22/23.