WRITING GROUPS (German & English)

Do you want to start your own writing group? Together with fellow students you can

  • exchange thoughts and share your progress,
  • receive and give mindful feedback,
  • reflect your own writing process,
  • write together.

If you need help starting a group, or if you want to join an existing writing group get in touch via e-mail.

Werkzeugkoffer mit der Aufschrift Schreibwerkstatt
Photo: Nicolaus / Zessko

WRITING CAFE (German & English)

Students from all departments can work on their texts here. The writing café is supervised by an experienced writing consultant who will be happy to answer your questions about writing.

Course of events:

  • Input (e.g. different methods to get into writing)
  • own work phase (e.g. work according to the Pomodoro technique by Francesco Cirillo)
  • final exchange

The next time it will take place will be during the lecture-free period of the winter semester 2023:

Mondays, 3-5pm, at Campus Am Neuen Palais. 

Please check the exact dates when exchange/counselling will be offered in English:

  • 13th of February, in:
  • 20th of February, in:
  • 6h of March, in:
  • 13th of March, in:
  • 20th of March, in:
  • 27th of March, in:

Just come by!