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Our team consists of four writing assistants: Dorothée Schulz-Budick, Ariane Wittkowski, Carolin Ganzer, Alina Gabriel, Maximilian Wiesner and Nora Lange.

Ariane Wittkowski (Academic Staff Member)

Focus and Interests:

  • Supporting the process of writing (individual or in "Schreibwerkstatt")
  • Training of writing advisors 
  • Timemanagement with the SPASS-method (Schroth and Vaupel)
  • Reading as a key to writing


  • Since 2017 doctoral thesis at the University of Potsdam, Topic: Concepts of Language in the Encyclopédie
  • Peer-tutoring-training for writing advisors at the European University of Viadrina; qualification: University Certificate "Writing Advisor", 2017
  • Romance philology studies at the University of Potsdam; degree: Master of Arts, 2017
  • Docendo Discimus training, summer semester 2014, winter semester 2014/15
  • French and Spanish philology studies at the University of Potsdam; degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2014
  • Training as a peer-tutor at the University of Potsdam; qualification: University certificate, 2013


  • With co-authors J. Tägener, M. Konarski, and D. Prickett:  "Das Drei-Felder-Konzept des Selbstlernbereichs am Zessko. Schreibberatung, Vortragscoaching und Sprachtutorien", in: Lehren und Lernen entwickeln - eine Frage der Gestaltung von Übergängen, Universtitätsverlag Potsdam, 2020, p. 143-172, publishup.uni-potsdam.de/frontdoor/index/index/docId/47681.
  • "Cela intrigue ! Modifizierte Phraseologismen in französischen Werbeschlagzeilen" in: Anja Hennemann / Antje Lobin / Kathleen Plötner / Claudia Schlaak (Hg.): Werbesprache pluridisziplinär. Aktuelle Tendenzen in der romanistischen Werbesprachenforschung. Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2017, p. 103-134.
  • Le Parkour und L’art du Déplacement - Die Kunst der (effizienten) Fortbewegung2016.


Gesellschaft für Schreibdidaktik und Schreibforschung (gefsus)


Carolin Ganzer (Peer-Tutor)

Focus and Interests:

  • Influence of personal factors on writing process
  • Time management and motivation
  • Getting started
  • Advising for writing groups and for forming writing groups
  • English texts
  • Advising for Citavi and Microsoft Word


  • French and English studies (Secondary School) at the Universität Potsdam; degree: Bachelor of Education, 2018
  • Since 2018: Masterstudies French and English (Secondary School) at the Universität Potsdam
  • Peer tutoring training for writing advisors at the European University Viadrina; qualification: University Writing Advisor Certificate, 2016
  • Extensive experience as seeker of writing assistance and member of various writing groups

Alina Gabriel (Peer-Tutor)

Focus and Interests:

  • Starting to write
  • Dealing with substantial self-criticism
  • Academic writing style
  • Narrowing down the topic


  • Since 2019: Masterstudies Cultural Sciences at the Humboldt-University (Berlin)
  • Peer tutoring training as a writing advisor at the University of Potsdam, 2019
  • Training as a mediator, 2018/19
  • Studies of Cultural and Social Sciences at the Humboldt-University (Berlin); degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2018
  • Experience as a student seeking advice in the Writing Assistance Program, 2018
  • Training: Stressreduction Through Mindfulness, 2015

Nora Lange (Peer-Tutorin)

Focus and Interests:

  • Writing motivation
  • Finding creative solutions
  • Resolving inner resistance towards writing 


  • Peer-tutoring training as a writing advisor at the University of Potsdam, 2020
  • Docendo Discimus training; qualification: University certificate, 2020
  • Tutor of  "Academic Writing“, WiSe 2019 / 20
  • Studies of Russian and Cultural Sciences at the University of Potsdam, 2017 - 2020

Maximilian Wiesner (Peer-Tutor)

Arbeits- und Interessenschwerpunkte:

  • Timemanagement
  • Textstructure and Orientation
  • English texts
  • Academic Writing
  • Narrowing down the topic
  • Revising a text


  • Peer-tutoring training as a writing advisor at the University of Potsdam, 2020
  • Since 2020: Masterstudies Linguistics at the University of Potsdam
  • Studies of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz; ​ ​degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2020
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