Mental Health Counseling

When studying becomes a burden, the Mental Health Counseling Services at the University of Potsdam can help.

Students can lose their mental balance too: The pressure in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs increases because of frequent tests and exams, financing your studies becomes increasingly difficult due to the lack of time, and job prospects are often meager.
This is why the University of Potsdam offers psychological counseling services. In our offices you can find someone to talk to about a variety of concerns affecting university students, such as:

  • work- and learning difficulties,
  • motivation problems,
  • anxiety before exams or when speaking in front of an audience,
  • writer’s block,
  • social anxiety

as well as difficulties and worries that have an indirect impact on your academic performance and happiness, such as:

  • relationship problems,
  • conflicts in a partnership or within the family,
  • problems with self-worth,
  • personal crises.

To make an appointment please send us an e-mail (psychologische-beratunguni-potsdamde) or stop by in person during the drop-in office hours. We will schedule a personal consultation that suits your individual needs – normally outside the drop-in office hours. During your first appointment we will talk about different options and possibilities and figure out together how to proceed. We can then set up additional individual consultations or we can refer you to a therapist or a suitable group. The consultation is confidential and free of charge.

Drop-in Office Hours (no appointment necessary)
Monday1 - 3 PM
On May 25, 2020 phone service will take place from 12 AM to 2 PM.
Room 0.84Maia Kober
Phone: +49 331 977-1402
Tuesday2 - 5 PMRoom 0.83Wega Fackeldey
Phone: +49 331 977-1457
No Service on June 16, 2020
Friday10 - 12 AMRoom 0.82not applicable until further notice

Dear students, due to the overall situation created by the CORONAVIRUS, the personal office hours in the mental health counseling service will be canceled immediately and until further notice. Please use the phone during normal office hours to contact us. Inquiries can also be made by email: psychologische-beratunguni-potsdamde

Psychological Counseling for international students

Studying abroad could be a great experience and a big challenge at the same time.  Getting to know a new culture and dealing with everyday life in Germany without having a supporting social network of your home country can sometimes lead to adjustment difficulties and result in psychological and physical stress symptoms. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or irritable, if you suffer from physical pain or insomnia our Psychological Counseling for International Students might help you.

You can schedule counseling appointments via e-mail (psychologische-beratunguni-potsdamde) or stop by in person during our drop-in office hours for international students.  Over the course of one or several meetings, we will seek to identify the problems you are dealing with and try to find and establish new coping strategies. Counseling is confidential and free of charge. We can speak in German, English or Russian.

Drop-in Office Hours (no appointment necessary)
Wednesday2 - 4 PMRoom 0.84

Maia Kober
Phone: +49 331 977-1402


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