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Underway in Nigeria – Students from the Department of English and American Studies on Excursion to Ibadan

Photo: Valerie Pobloth,  Isabel Dückert.

The English language has developed over centuries into a language family of World Englishes. A group of students from the Department of English and American Studies, together with linguist Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Wolf, traveled to Nigeria from October 5 to 21, 2017, to take a closer look at these language varieties. Their journey took them to Ibadan, the capital city of the federal state of Oyo.



October, 20th 2017

Today is the last day of our Nigeria adventure. We eat a last breakfast at the alumni restaurant, before we say goodbye to the lovely people.


October, 19th 2017

This is our last full day at the University of Ibadan. We spend the morning in Prof. Igboanusi’s office and meet up with a Nigerian friend.


October, 18th 2017

Today we are visiting the International School Ibadan (ISI), which is right on campus. We are warmly welcomed by the principal Phebean O. Olowe.


October, 17th 2017

We almost feel like regular students at the University of Ibadan now and have another lesson coming up today.


October, 16th 2017

We are back on campus of the University of Ibadan. We have already missed our fellow students, so today we have some more meetings planned.


October, 15th 2017

We spent the night at Nike's guest house at the outskirts of the town Osogbo. The owner of it is the lovely artist who we met last week in her gallery.


October, 14th 2017

„Spirituality is not about race, it is about soul.“ Priestess Doyin about her mother Susanne Wenger.


October, 13th 2017

Today we explore the history and culture of Nigeria and visit the Museum of National Unity (MNU) in Ibadan.


October 12th, 2017

Today we have another day at the university. At 10am we have an appointment in the office of the German teacher Lanre „Larry“ Okuseinde.


October 11th, 2017

Today we meet the students of the Linguistics Department and we are really looking forward to mingling with our colleagues!


October 10th, 2017

After a couple of days, the campus starts to feel a bit like home. Slowly but steadily we know our way around and develop our own routine.


October 9th, 2017

Our first program day in Ibadan! Today we are going to be officially greeted and have a tour of the campus.


October 8th, 2017

Sunday is a big day for Nigerians: People from various confessions dress in their best outfits and spend the whole day participating in services.


Ocotber, 7th 2017

Ready to drive to our main destination, we are meeting Professor Dr. Igboanusi a friend and colleague of our professor.


October, 5th/6th 2017

Where does the journey start? On the plane? At the airport? Or rather, a few months before, in your own head?


Impressions from Nigeria