UP on the road: Online Diary Denmark & Finland

Visiting the IBC Innovation Factory.
The present building of the Design Factory provides seminar and presentation rooms as well as workshops and laboratories.
Startup Sauna is a shared working space for aspiring entrepreneurs both coming from inside and outside the university.
Visiting the accelerator program AppCampus for innovative app development.
Urban Mill is a co-working and co-creation platform prototype for urban innovation.

Visiting the IBC Innovation Factory in Kolding, Denmark.

The Design Factory has been providing a unique academic environment for learning and working.

The student initiative Startup Sauna enjoys an international reputation in the startup scene.

AppCampus is an example for active cooperation between university and industry.

Urban Mill promotes interaction between public administration, private business & university.

University of Potsdam visits Experts on Innovation, Knowledge and Technology Transfer

A delegation of innovation, knowledge and technology transfer specialists from Potsdam is visiting outstanding science regions in Denmark and Finland from 25th to 29th November 2014. The trip to Kolding (DK) and Espoo (FI) will provide new momentum for future collaboration with Scandinavian partners and promote the development of an innovative science and business region Potsdam-Brandenburg. In an online diary the participants write about their trip on the website of the University of Potsdam.

VTT, Otaniemi/Espoo

VTT, Otaniemi/Espoo (Finland), 28th November 2014

Sustainable biomass utilization could be an important point of the future research cooperation between VTT, the UP and the pearls Research Network.

The student initiative Aaltoes (Aalto Entrepreneurship) enjoys an international reputation in the startup scene today. Photo: Wulf Bickenbach

Aalto University, Otaniemi/Espoo (Finland), 27th November 2014

Otaniemi has become a place of outstanding creativity and diverse innovation within a very short time.

An Interview with Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, CEO of Saxocon, Photo: Silvana Seppä

Technical University of Denmark, 26th November 2014

"If the university does not take part, I will be out." – An Interview with Martin Friis-Mikkelsen (CEO of Saxocon)

Visiting the IBC Innovation Factory in Kolding

Visiting Kolding Design City (Denmark), 25th November 2014

Kolding succeeded in reinventing the city with the brand and philosophy "Design City Kolding".

fltr: Anselm Geiger (Pearls – Potsdam Research Network), Tina Thomsen (BJERK Invest), Silvana Seppä (Press and Public Relations Department of the University of Potsdam), Dr. Jonas Krebs (EU-Office of the University of Potsdam), Wulf Bickenbach (Potsdam Transfer) und Gordon Grill (President’s Office)

Towards the Innovation City Potsdam, 24. November 2014

University of Potsdam visits Experts on Innovation, Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Denmark and Finland


Impressions from Kolding, Denmark

Impressions from Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby

Impressions from Otaniemi/Espoo, Finland

Project funded by BMBF under the directive "Förderung des Auf- und Ausbaus innovativer FuE-Netzwerke mit Partnern in Ostsee-Anrainer-Staaten".