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Up on the road: online Diary Nigeria – October, 12th 2017

The "German Circle". Photo: Isabel Dückert/Valerie Pobloth.
Photo :
The "German Circle". Photo: Isabel Dückert/Valerie Pobloth.

October, 12th – Ibadan

Today we have another day at the university. At 10am we have an appointment in the office of the German teacher Lanre „Larry“ Okuseinde to accompany him to his class. But in the hallway we run into one of his colleagues, who warns us that Larry is not going to be available today since he has to hand in all the results of the exams. Unfortunately, it seems to be true. Nevertheless „Larry“ gives us a warm welcome and suggests that we visit the „German circle“ instead. We kindly accept the offer.
In the German Circle all students from different German classes meet regularly to practice speaking, to play little German games and help each other with their German homework. Instead of a lecturer, the group is guided by their self-elected president Love. She chairs the meeting and introduces us to the other students. We are impressed by their speaking skills and knowledge about German history and geography. Our quiz about Germany’s neighboring countries is easily solved. We continue with the typical German game „Ich packe meinen Koffer“ and charades. The fourth’s year students impressively join the game without any language difficulties. All in all, students at the University of Ibadan study 4 years to receive a German degree. They then have to take an exam at the Goethe Institut in Lagos for the B2 or C1 level at the end of their studies. Often they combine German with another language or with European studies in their Bachelor degree.

Text: Sandra Hesse, Anna Korneva und Valerie Pobloth
Published: Alina Grünky
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