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Campus Festival

Banner Campus Festival
Photo: ZIM

"Explore - Experience - Enjoy" - this motto is the focus of this year's Campus Festival. After a forced break of two years, we are coming back to the campus this year!

The three pillars of the new concept offer a wide range of activities for everyone. It enables members of the university to discover and experience the University of Potsdam in a new way and to relax in its surroundings. The "exploring" of the University of Potsdam with all the associated offers should awaken new and old interests. We would also like to jointly create opportunities to "experience" this diversity - be it movement offers, discussion rounds or workshops.The last pillar, "Relax", is particularly aimed at strengthening the bond to the university and the people associated with it.

From creative workshops to athletic taster sessions to interesting lectures, there really is something for everyone. No matter if you prefer to compete with others in small competitions or just relax and listen to the fresh sounds of our live acts in the chillout area. A campus quiz, poetry slam and after-show party are also being planned. A day characterized by colorful diversity and bringing together the members of the university, that is our goal. Through various initiatives you can get to know the university and student life better. Everyone is welcome, everyone can participate - from the university for the university!