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Staffing News

On the web pages “Newly Appointed”, “Newly Approved”, and “Awards and Honors”, we provide information about new professors, newly acquired third-party funding for research projects as well as awards and honors.

The University of Potsdam is pleased to welcome new professors. You can find an overview and learn more about their professional background here.

Over the past few months, many researchers have once again raised third-party funding for research projects. An overview of funders and grantees.

Employees from various departments at the University of Potsdam were honored in recognition of their achievements. This section will give you more details on that.

Contact the editorial staff

Dr. Jana Scholz (Newly Appointed & Awards and Honors)
Phone: +49 331 977-113198
E-mail: jana.scholzuni-potsdamde

Matthias Zimmermann (Newly Approved)
Phone: +49 331 977-1869
E-mail: matthias.zimmermannuni-potsdamde