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Up on the road: online Diary Nigeria – October, 9th 2017

Photo: Isabel Dückert/Valerie Pobloth.
Photo :
Photo: Isabel Dückert/Valerie Pobloth.

October, 9th – Ibadan

Our first program day in Ibadan! Today we are going to be officially greeted and have a tour of the campus. It is indeed exciting and honorable to be representing our university and our countries. Our group is multicultural: apart from the Germans, we have international students from Denmark and Russia among us.Just like the days before, we are warmly welcomed and even get some drinks and cookies. At the Office of International Program (OIP) we watch a documentary about the history of the University of Ibadan (UI) and learn that it’s the oldest university of Nigeria, established in 1948. The president of the OIP offers us to ask everything we want to know about the UI. He tells us that the university puts emphasis on postgraduate programs, as the facilities available on campus and the quality of teaching is on a very high level compared to other Nigerian universities. Therefore 80% of the programs are postgraduate programs. All in all, the university has approximately 20,000 students of which 4,000 students are living directly on campus. After that informative part, we continue our campus tour to the Faculty of Arts. Here we meet the Head of the Linguistic Department Prof. Duro A. Adeleke as well as the Acting Dean Prof. Philip A. Ogundeji. We have lunch together in the staff room and enjoy having wifi for the first time in a couple of days. Then we head on a bus tour through the whole campus. It is unbelievable how large it is: The University has thirteen faculties, dormitories for the students and accommodation for the staff as well as a hotel and a school. Apart from the bookstore and the little markets you can find a farm, a banana plantation, a botanical garden, a fish pond and even a zoo on campus! It is basically a world of its own and compared to the „outside world“, it is safe, clean and well maintained. Therefore, we get the feeling that it is quite prestigious to study and live here.

Text: Sandra Hesse, Anna Korneva und Valerie Pobloth
Online gestellt: Matthias Zimmermann
Kontakt zur Online-Redaktion: onlineredaktionuni-potsdamde

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