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Underway in South Africa

Zebra-Mural in Johannesburg. Photo: Diana Banmann
Photo: Diana Banmann
Logo of the North-West University. Picture: Joana Schmidt

Vanderbijlpark, May 5th, 2015, day 11

After a long, incredibly exciting weekend, we drive back to the university this morning.

The impressive statue of Nelson Mandela. Picture: Diana Banmann

Vanderbijlpark/Pretoria, May 4th, 2015, day 10

On our last day off before we go back to the university tomorrow, we are making a trip to the capital of South Africa, Pretoria.

Picture of the expedition team. Picture: Diana Banmann

Vanderbijlpark/Sterkfontein, May 2nd 2015, Day 8

Today we get off to a sporty start for our group and take a jog around the block. After breakfast we drive to the Cradle of Humankind

Picture of a giraffe crossing a street. Picture: Arne Petersen

Pilanesberg, May 1st, 2015, Day 7

The first of May is a public holiday in South Africa and so we decide to drive in the Pilanesberg National Park.

A group of students is sitting at a table. Picture: Kristin Hofmann

Vanderbijlpark, 28/04/2015, day 4

After breakfast we are driven to the campus of the North-West University for the first time.

Johannesburg. Picture: Arne Peters

Vanderbijlpark/Johannesburg, 27. April 2015 - Freedom Day, day 3

Six students and Prof. Dr. Wolf are on their way to turn a few laps around the block. With a following breakfast we strengthen ourselves for our current

Vanderbijlpark. Picture: Arne Peters

Vanderbijlpark, 26/4/2015, day 2

An episode from everyday life in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa: The world changes abruptly. From our barbed wire community we are stepping on

Group picture. Photo: Diana Banmann

Vanderbijlpark, 25/4/2015, day 1

Our journey starts with a flight from Berlin to Frankfurt. There we take an Airbus 380 and fly to Johannesburg, Oliver Tamboo airport.

Impressions from South Africa