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University Athletic Department

Students and staff work out together at the Gym. Photo: Karla Fritze
Photo: Karla Fritze
Students and Staff work out together at the two gyms on the campuses of the UP or in several sport classes all over town.

Active and Fit at the University of Potsdam

The University Athletic Department at the University of Potsdam offers a wide range of sports and exercise programs for all students, employees, trainees and alumni of the university. In addition, school children and guests of the university are also welcome. The program includes courses in Athletics & Individual Sports, Ball & Team Games, Body & Mind, famFIT (courses for children and families), Recreation & Games, GroupFit & Group Athletics, Martial Arts, Kickback, Dance, and Aquatics, as well as a fitness club. From aerobics to Zumba, interested students thus have the opportunity to find an active balance in more than 120 sports courses.
In addition, the University Athletic Department organizes numerous events such as the university's Campus Festival, the Klitschnass Festival and various tournaments. The University Athletic Department is also responsible for the Pause Express and Studi-Pausenexpress (short active breaks at work or in between courses) and offers numerous activities for different target groups.
In addition to the courses and all the offerings related to sports, exercise and health, there is the opportunity to acquire key competencies as part of the bachelor's degree program. Here, students can develop their "soft skills" in the areas of "non-profit service management", "health sports management", "event management" and "competition management" in addition to the technical training at the university.
The University Athletic Department works closely with the Feel Good Campus, the University of Potsdam's student health management.

A sample picture of a sports class. Link to the sport classes, trips and workshops offered by the University Athletic Department.

University Athletic Department

The department offers during the semester and break a wide variety of sports classes, trips and workshops

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Feel Good Campus

The "Feel Good Campus" project was launched for students to make studying & campus at the University of Potsdam even more attractive and health-conscious.