University Magazines

The University Magazines report on current events at the University, extraordinary research projects, new developments that are interesting in terms of higher education policy, and studying at the UP. 

This site offers an overview of current editions. You can find older editions of the magazine in the respective archive.


The Portal magazine reports on events at the University of Potsdam, summarizing important developments, providing information about central events, introducing interesting initiatives and projects, giving portraits of employees and students, and offering insights into the University’s international activities and research.

Portal Special "Corona" 2020
Photo: PÖ

Portal Special

What do Potsdam scientists have to say about the Corona pandemic, its effects and consequences, but also about what can be done about it? How exactly does a university function under these special circumstances? How is work, study and research carried out? How do you shift an entire semester to online? In the search for answers to these and many other questions, a large number of texts have emerged, which we have gradually published on the UP website as "Contributions from the University of Potsdam on the Corona Pandemic".* We have compiled an abbreviated selection of these texts for this "Portal Special".

Portal Special "Corona" 2020
Photo: PÖ

Portal Wissen

The research magazine Portal Wissen presents the diversity of research at the University of Potsdam, with exciting reporting on projects, interviews about complex research questions, portraits of interesting researchers and reports about “self-testing” in scientific experiments.

Portal Transfer

Transfer Magazine reports on how knowledge and innovation are transferred from the university into practice. It presents researchers who dare to do something new and implement their ideas in their own companies. The articles provide lively insights into the workings of start-ups, portray people whose career paths are encouraging, and trace the motives for joint commitment. In addition to interesting stories from alumni and alumnae, you can learn what is behind the “Inno-UP” project, why the university is planning a school and how citizens can get involved in research.