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The adoption of the concept of inclusion (in german only) at the University of Potsdam means another step toward becoming “A University for All”. But what does this entail in practice? What and how are students with disabilities and impairments experiencing regarding their studies at the University of Potsdam? How do employees and lecturers deal with the individual needs of these students?

Our podcast aims to introduce you to students, teachers, as well as employees from the administration at the University of Potsdam. We interviewed people with and without disabilities. We wanted to hear from them, just how inclusive the University of Potsdam is as a place of study, and as an employer.

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In this podcast episode we welcome Annemarie Kleinert. She studied Educational Science and Italian Philology at the University of Potsdam. She will be telling us about her day-to-day life as a student and her positive experiences. (Transcript)

Christian Opitz studies History and Politics at the University of Potsdam. In this podcast episode he will be telling us how he manages his studies with his disability and about his future plans. (Transcript)

In this podcast episode Ly Tran, Bachelor student in Linguistics, recounts her experience with a disability that develops throughout her studies and how the advisory services at the University of Potsdam helped her manage this evolving situation. (Transcript)

Henrik Schmidt is a student for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In this podcast episode he tells us about beginning his studies during the pandemic and how he's experienced it, what advantages and disadvantages it bore for people with disabilities, how he's come into contact with the advisory services of the University of Potsdam and what plans he has after his bachelor program. (Transcript)


Mirjam Labrenz is a Master student in Computational Science and employee at the Institute for Computer Science at the University of Potsdam. In this podcast episode she explains how to deal with a psychological disability during your studies, the support opportunities, and the chances for the University of Potsdam to become an inclusive university. (Transcript)

Christian Lietz is an employee at the Center for Information Technology and Media Management (German acronym: ZIM). In this episode he recounts his experience as an employee with a disability at the University of Potsdam and what possibilities and perspectives the University provides as an employer. (Transcript)

Judith Tägener is an employee at the Center for Languages and Key Competences (Zessko) and at the Faculty for Human Sciences. In this podcast episode she talks about her year long collaboration with the Commissioner for Students with Disabilities and the importance of inclusion during the training of new TA’s. (Transcript)


Janny Armbruster is the commissioner for people with disabilities in the state Brandenburg. In this special segment of our “We are UP” podcast series Robert Meile, the commissioner for students with disabilities at the University of Potsdam, discusses education, digital accessibility, problems and chances of the pandemic, as well as Mrs. Armbruster’s role as an advocate for people with disabilities, and the long way towards an idealized version of an inclusive society. (Transcript)


The Commissioner for Students with Disabilities

The initiative “We are UP“ is funded by the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection (MSGIV) with funds from the commissioner of the land government for the concerns for people with disabilities.