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Anyone can go abroad

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There is always a great need for support and students with additional needs are not isolated cases! For example, our Erasmus+ figures show that in the 2022/23 academic year alone, almost 38% of our Erasmus+ students received special funding for what we call "fewer opportunities" for their semester abroad.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Gain Experience Abroad

There are many reasons why you should consider a stay abroad during your studies, and they apply equally to all students. The most common reasons include learning or perfecting another language, building cultural competence, or making your CV stand out on the job market. A stay abroad can also improve your self-confidence and independence to a particularly high degree and offers you the unique opportunity to network on an international level, expand your academic specialization, and get to know a different education system or new ways of working.

Although the list of reasons in favor of studying abroad is long, there are also a number of reasons why students think they cannot go abroad. However, there is a suitable solution or support offer for (almost) every case, and that is precisely what we would like to present to you on this page.

Do you have any questions or concerns that go beyond the aspects listed here? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you individually!

Support Offers and Solutions for...

Working Students & Financial Concerns

Students with Child(ren) & Family Obligations

Students with a Disability or Chronic Illness

First-Generation Academics & Empowerment

Linguistic Concerns

Timing-Related Concerns


Dr. Gerda Heinrich Scholarship recipient, semester in the USA

"The Dr. Gerda Heinrich Scholarship supports precisely those students who are exposed to an additional structural burden, e.g. due to a special need."

Erasmus+ student with children, semester in France

"If I could make the decision all over again, I would still choose to go to Grenoble. It was a fantastic experience for me and for my family [...]"

Erasmus+ student with a disability, semester in Sweden

"It is important to know that you can get a lot of support as a student with a disability, but you have to make arrangements in a timely manner. [...]"

Erasmus+ student with a disability, preparatory trip in Portugal

"I am [...] now much better prepared for the semester, as I can assess stress factors [...] better and sometimes even eliminate them in advance."

We are at your disposal for a personal consultation. You can reach us via phone, during office hours, or contact us via e-mail at any time:

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