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Transcription conventions

Line numbers:

The system used for numbering the lines is meant to clearly illustrate the sequential order of the narrated experiences: main clauses are numbered and their corresponding relative clauses are put in a new line, without a new number. Complement and relative clauses are not placed on new lines. Utterances with direct or indirect speech are on the same level as the verb that signals the speech. Any consequent main clauses which reproduce speech but do not feature a verb to signal this are given a new line and number. If the sentence is interrupted, the transcription continues on a new line.


Ambiguous aspects and comprehension difficulties:

(X) (XXX)

incomprehensible syllable(s), one X per syllable


presumed word

av( )

broken off mid-word

Changes to the transcript:


omission in transcript

Intonation, accent, pauses:


focus of the accent