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Welcome to International@Home!

Our world is becoming increasingly international and we want you to be able to experience this exciting global diversity even if you don't have the opportunity to go abroad. These pages are designed to bring international experiences into your life without necessarily having to leave your place of residence. International@Home presents activities at the University of Potsdam that incorporate an international and intercultural dimension into research, teaching, everyday student life and administration. These pages are aimed at students, academic staff, technical and administrative staff and anyone interested in intercultural skills and international diversity. Browse through our offers and be inspired to get involved. Discover the world on site in Potsdam!


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Stories of Internationalization

In our podcasts, videos or interviews, international and Potsdam students talk about formative moments and challenges during their stay abroad.

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Buddy Programm

Explore the support program in which Potsdam students help their international fellow students to integrate into life and everyday university life at UP.

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Acquire intercultural competence

In a globalized world, intercultural communication is crucial. Discover our additional certificate for intercultural competence with study and career benefits!

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Study & teach virtually (EDUC)

Find out more about the university alliance EDUC and the wide range of courses, summer schools and mobility support for students, teachers, researchers and staff at the university.

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Learn foreign languages

Learning languages is essential: it promotes intercultural communication, strengthens cognitive skills and expands career opportunities. Find out more about foreign language training at Zessko.

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Student international initiatives

There are many opportunities to get involved internationally at UP. Browse through the offers!