Welcome to the pages "International Profile"

These pages are aimed at academic staff, technical and administrative personnel, and anyone interested in the strategic internationalization of the University of Potsdam. For student exchange, please refer to the section Going Abroad/Studying Abroad.

Here you will find information on the Advisory Board for Internationalization, the Internationalization Strategy of the University of Potsdam, and links to other international projects and activities.

In this menu you will find our international partnerships, information on our priority regions as well as information on concluding partnership agreements.

European Digital UniverCity (EDUC)

Here you can find information about the "European Digital UniverCity" (EDUC), the European University Alliance of the University of Potsdam.

Here you can find information about the Turkish-German University project. The University of Potsdam supports and accompanies the project together with other German universities.

The page provides an overview of the international networks of the University of Potsdam.

Here you will find calls for proposals to support international mobilities for employees.