Faculty of Health Sciences

Health Sciences at the University of Potsdam. The photo is by Sören Stache. When you click on it, the picture opens in a new window.
Photo: Sören Stache

The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane, and the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg founded a joint Faculty of Health Sciences in 2018. It is the key element of the Brandenburg Health Campus. The aim is to develop new types of medical, nursing, and medical-technical care services as well as innovative degree programs dealing with current health science issues.

As a joint institution comprised of universities and in cooperation with additional universities and non-university research institutions, the Faculty of Health Sciences will contribute to the improvement of medical care in the state of Brandenburg. In addition, it aims to strengthen academic research on health and promote practice-oriented training and continuing education in the fields of health and nursing. A broad network of hospitals will also have close ties to the faculty. A scientific advisory board supported the development process and gave recommendations, among other things for the academic resources of research focus areas such as “Geriatric Medicine and Health”.

The faculty is being built up step by step: An office was established in Potsdam in 2016 and moved to the University of Potsdam’s Golm campus in 2018 to serve as the Office of the Dean during the formation of the faculty. The research associations started up in 2017, and the publication of the first job advertisements for a total of 16 professorships is scheduled for 2019, including four for the Brandenburg Medical School. For this purpose, the state of Brandenburg will provide EUR6.6 million per year starting in 2019.

Logo of the Faculty of Health Sciences. External link to the website "Faculty of Health Sciences Brandenburg" (in German

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty emerged from the initiative “Brandenburg Health Campus” and was established as a faculty of the three affiliated institutions of higher education in June 2018.

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