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Erasmus+ FAQs


Students with a residence permit in Germany must note that they cannot spend more than 6 months at a time abroad, otherwise their residence permit will expire! However, as a student of a German higher education institution, you can apply for an extension of this limit and then also study one or two semesters at a foreign higher education institution. Please inform yourself in a timely manner at the relevant office.

Application and Financial Assistance

When do I apply?

Can I also apply for a study abroad period in the summer semester?

What is the deadline for my application to the host university?

Can I apply to more than one department/institute?

What level of language proficiency do I need?

Which language certificates do I have to submit?

Can I also apply to other academic departments for a study abroad period?

How do I get a Transcript of Records from the University of Potsdam?

What is a Grant Agreement?

Financial Assistance

Who pays for my travel expenses?

I want to go abroad with my child(ren), what do I have to bear in mind?

I have a disability or chronic health issue, what do I have to bear in mind?

What are Social Top Ups and for whom is this special funding available?

Is sustainable travel being supported?

Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

What is an Online Learning Agreement (OLA)?

Where do I get my access information for the OLA?

How do I fill out the OLA?

Who signs my OLA?

Who signs if more than one academic department is involved?

What is the deadline for submitting the OLA?

Can I also use the template of the host university?

What data do I have to enter into table B?

I do not want to have any credits recognized. What do I put in table B?

What happens if I do not have enough points?

Do I have to submit the original of my OLA?

I would like to change certain details in my OLA

Do I have to conclude an 'OLA during the mobility'?

OLS Tests

Do I have to take the OLS test?

I have not yet received an invitation to the OLS test. Why is that?