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Haus am Neuen Palais
Photo: Karla Fritze

Initiatives at the UP

At the University of Potsdam, there are various groups that deal with the topic of diversity or anti-discrimination. In the following we would like to refer to some of them:


Pangea project

A student-run educational initiative founded in April 2015 at the University of Potsdam that seeks to promote exchange between people with and without a refugee background in and around Potsdam.

Potsdam Group

The goal of the group is to encourage students from non-academic families to study, to accompany them during their studies, and to support them in networking and starting a career.


The university group UPride addresses LGBTQIA*, i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, inter* and asexual people and offers the possibility to become active against discrimination.

AStA - Accessibility project

Accessibility in different areas is the key for people with impairments to participate equally in everyday university life. Implementing this, the goal.

Erasmus Student Network

The university group would like to promote the integration of foreign exchange students at Potsdam's universities.


In the absence of sufficient funding from the Potsdam University Library, the AStA came up with the plan to compile alternative books on the topic of feminism/queer theory.

AStA - Anti-Racist Letter Boxes / Digital Mailbox

There are mailboxes at the Golm, Griebnitzsee, Neues Palais and Rehbrücke campuses through which experiences and complaints can be communicated anonymously. This can also be done digitally.

Potsdam Postcolonial Chair for Global Modernities

The Department of English and American Studies hosts the project. Internationally renowned scholars will join the Department as Guest Professors for a period of up to six months.

Diversity Group Potsdam

Realizing the potential of diversity in educational contexts.

Postcolonial Potsdam is a working group that deals with traces of German and Prussian colonial history and the postcolonial silence in Potsdam today.