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Erasmus+: Step by Step

Are you a full-time student at the University of Potsdam, and have you completed at least one academic year by the time you start your studies abroad? Do you have a good command of the language of instruction at the host university? Then you should definitely apply for the Erasmus+ program. In this section we give you a detailed overview of the process, from the application to the recognition of your credits.

Erasmus+ Step by Step (Download)

You can download the guide "Erasmus+ Step by Step" here and check off the individual steps so that you do not forget anything.

Erasmus+ FAQs

If you still have questions, please have a look at our FAQs first. You can find answers to the most important questions here.

Information events on Erasmus+

You can find the current dates for our information events about the Erasmus+ program here.

Application for a place in the Erasmus+ program

Application documents

Your Erasmus+ coordinators will also tell you which application documents you need to submit. Usually, this will include the general application form as well as a transcript of records and a language certificate, if applicable.

Several institutes use a digital application form via MoveON. Therefore, please contact your exchange coordinator before submitting your application.

Allocation of spots in the Erasmus+ program

  • Selection of applicants by the exchange coordinators on the basis of the following potential criteria: academic performance, linguistic competence, motivation and time of application, progress made in the degree program.
  • Nomination at the host universities by the International Office.
  • The exchange coordinators usually issue their acceptance or rejection of the applications between January and March.

Before the study abroad period

  • You have to formally accept your spot in the Erasmus+ program: To do this, fill out the Online Declaration of Acceptance* and hand it in to the International Office immediately, by the end of March at the latest, regardless of whether you are already going abroad in the winter semester or not until the summer semester. (*This step is obsolete for students who applied for an Erasmus+ place via the online portal of the IO. Currently, the online portal is used by the following departments: English and American Studies, General and Comparative Literature/Cultural Studies, Biochemistry/Biology, European Media Science, Primary School Education German, HPI, Informatics/Computational Science, Linguistics, Patholinguistics, Psychology, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.)
  • April-June: Application at the host university. Research the application process, deadlines, and documents to be submitted on their websites. Some universities will send information directly to you, others require you to take action yourself. The deadlines for the summer semester are different.
  • April/June: Take part in the information events to prepare your stay abroad!
  • Create an Online Learning Agreement BEFORE the mobility.
  • June/July: Sign the Grant Agreement.
  • June/July: Take the OLS language test.
  • If necessary, apply for a leave of absence and clarify insurance issues.
  • Arrival in the host country (orientation week, preparatory language course, if necessary).
  • Payment of the first installment (80%) of the Erasmus+ scholarship.

Auslands-BAföG (Federal financial aid for periods abroad)

Apply for Auslands-BAföG at the BAföG office in charge of your destination country at an early stage. General information on Auslands-BAföG is available in the Finacial Aid section of this website.

Once you have arrived in the host country

If there are any changes to your academic schedule (Learning Agreement), record them in the Online Learning Agreement DURING the Mobility. The International Office requires a fully signed version as a PDF.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact the International Office.

Before your return

Confirmation of Stay: Before you leave, get confirmation of the actual length of your stay from the host institution. Obtain any necessary signatures and find out when and how your certificate will be delivered to you.

After your return

Please submit the documents within 30 days after your return on your own initiative!

  • Confirmation of Stay: Confirmation from the host institution stating how long you stayed there (original).
  • PDFs of the fully signed Online Learning Agreements.
  • Write a personal testimonial (please use our template) and send it by e-mail to the International Office.
  • Take the second OLS language test.
  • Fill out the EU survey online.
  • Certificate of enrollment from the University of Potsdam (PULS) for the semester you spent abroad.
  • Copy of the Transcript of Records from the host university.

You will receive the second installment after you have submitted all the required documents.

 Transfer of credits for studies abroad

As soon as you have received the list of your academic achievements from abroad (Transcript of Records), you should contact the Examining Board of your institute/department (not the Central Examination Office!) for recognition. You can find information on grade conversion as well as forms here.