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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training

Erasmus+ Hochschulvertreterinnen sitzen um einen Tisch
Photo: Oliver Reetz/DAAD

Erasmus+ STT-Mobilities

Every year, the University of Potsdam sends around 350 students and lecturers to European partner universities as part of Erasmus+. At the moment, the University of Potsdam even occupies fifth place in the teaching staff mobility. But Erasmus+ offers more!

The technical and administrative staff (central and decentralized) can also benefit from the program. The program offers the opportunity to travel to partners to exchange experiences, to attend internships or to gain further education.

For continuing education and training purposes, university staff may be employed at a German university to be promoted to a receiving institution participating in the "Erasmus+" program, or to any other institution located in another programming country that is active in the labor market or in education, training or youth. This activity promotes the professional development of higher education staff through training abroad (except for conferences) and through visits to a partner university or equivalent facilities abroad.

The minimum length of stay at the receiving institution should not be less than two working days and should not exceed 60 days.


Online Application

Please use the following link.

Alternate applicants may be considered depending upon the availability of funds.

Notes to the application

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Period of stay

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