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Financing your Study Abroad Period

Photo: Matthias Friel

Auslands-BAföG (Federal financial aid for periods abroad)

You can also receive BAföG funding for your studies abroad if you have not previously received BAföG funding in Germany. It is definitely worthwhile for you to apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • You’ve studied in Germany for at least a year
  • You will go abroad for at least twelve weeks within the framework of a higher education partnership of the University of Potsdam, or for at least six months or one semester in the case of open applications to international higher education institutions.
  • You can receive at least some credits for your studies abroad at the University of Potsdam.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of the language of the country or the language of instruction.
  • Sie haben schon mindestens ein Jahr in Deutschland studiert
  • Sie gehen im Rahmen einer Hochschulkooperation der Universität Potsdam für mindestens zwölf Wochen, bei freien Bewerbungen an internationalen Hochschulen für mindestens sechs Monate bzw. ein Semester, ins Ausland
  • Ihr Auslandsstudium ist zumindest teilweise auf Ihr Studium an der Universität Potsdam anrechenbar
  • Sie haben ausreichende Kenntnisse der Landes- bzw. der Unterrichtssprache.

Scholarship Programs

A scholarship is financial assistance that is usually awarded by foundations, but also by the DAAD, on the basis of very good academic achievements, and/or social, political, or religious criteria.

As a scholarship holder, you will generally receive monthly instalments to cover your living expenses during your stay abroad. If tuition fees are to be paid abroad, these can sometimes be covered in full or in part by the scholarship provider. In addition to the purely financial aid and non-material support, you will often also receive help with the planning of your period abroad.

Student Loans

If none of the above financing options are available to you, you can also take out a student loan or take advantage of other student fund offers that may be available to you. The CHE student loan test offers you a good summary of this topic.

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