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Dr. Gerda Heinrich-Scholarship

Scholarship to support disadvantaged students in Potsdam

A stay abroad is an important part of studying and increases professional opportunities after graduation. Students can gain valuable intercultural experience that will have an impact for a long time to come. In addition to early planning and organisation, the financing of stays abroad poses challenges for many students.

We would like to make stays abroad more inclusive and offer added support to students who face additional burdens due to societal structures in order for them to have a successful stay abroad.

In 2019, the University of Potsdam was for the first time able to offer a scholarship programme, with a special focus on additional burdens that some students may face. The scholarship is funded by the Dr. Gerda Heinrich Foundation. The application process for the Dr. Gerda Heinrich Scholarship is part of the regular PROMOS application process.

Funding requirements

Eligible stays abroad

  • One- to six-month study stays abroad that are not part of the Erasmus+ program
  • One- to six-month stays abroad to write a final thesis
  • Three-week or more of language courses (except English language courses)
  • Four-week or more internships abroad
  • Summer Schools/Winter Schools

Personal requirements

  • You are a student at the University of Potsdam

Academic requirements

  • good academic performance
  • sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction
  • positive evaluation by a university lecturer

Justification of need

  • Please explain on the basis of which barriers or additional burdens you are applying for the funding.
  • For students with a disability (GdB 20 or higher) or chronic illness, a copy of the disability attest or the medical certificate is sufficient. For students with a child, a copy of the birth certificate is sufficient.

The application takes place parallel to the PROMOS application.


You can apply exclusively via our online form of the PROMOS programme by the relevant deadlines. Please note that we must receive the application in full and by the deadline.

If you have any questions about the application process or are unsure whether you are eligible for the scholarship, please contact us.

You will need the following documents:

  • Confirmation from the host institution indicating the duration of your stay abroad; for internships, an internship contract or  a confirmation of the internship indicating its duration, the range of tasks and working language
  • Resume in tabular form
  • Statement of purpose including a description of study plans abroad (max. two pages)
  • Explanation of barriers
  • A current letter of recommendation by a university teacher or, in the case of a final thesis, by the supervisor of this thesis. Please avoid evaluations from language teachers.
  • Academic certificates (e.g., bachelor’s degree or intermediate examination), if applicable
  • List of all courses attended thus far (copies of course certificates or of a PULS transcript; confirmation by the International Office not required)
  • Current* Language certificate (except for language courses): the DAAD language test, UNIcert, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, DELE (Spanish) and DALF (French) are accepted. Philology students will receive the DAAD language certificate from the instructor of the language education program.

*The language certificate must not be more than two years old.


Please note that funds are limited and we try to fund as many applications as possible. Therefore, the applications will be evaluated in terms of content. In addition to formal criteria, academic achievements and the obligatory reviewer evaluation also play an important role in deciding on your application.

Contact Person

International Office


Campus Am Neuen Palais
Am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam
House 8, Room 0.38