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Internationalization through E-Learning?

Potsdam, Nov. 4th 2015, 6pm – 8pm
Campus Neues Palais, Building 9, Room 1.03

The workshop presents various possibilities to explore and promote innovation in collaborative online international learning with partner institutions from the (C)OIL Network around the globe.

The Kansai University in Osaka is the first Japanese University that created a regional Hub within the COIL Network to fully cooperate with Potsdam University in this inspiring field of teaching methods.

Invited are all lectures and staff members from Potsdam University who are intersted in higher education and blended learning strategies.

The workshop is organized by the OIL-Project. Please register at:

Alexander Knoth (alexander.knoth@uni-potsdam.de)


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Demske
Vice-President for International Affairs, UP
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lucke
Chief Information Officer, UP

Kansai’s COIL Model
Prof. Dr. Keiko Ikeda
Vice-Director Center for International Education, KU

Potsdam’s COIL Model
Alexander Knoth
COIL Global Partner Coordinator

Partnering & Get Together


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