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Workshops (winter term 2023-24)

Working materials
Photo: Nicolaus / Zessko

Please note: our workshops start as indicated at the full hours. 

Cite like a pro

Reading techniques

Finding your Topic and Research Question

Creative Scientific Writing

Prepare the Writing: Structure and Outline

Revisiting the Text: How to (re)write, edit, correct and finalise your paper

Module Paper Workshop (online) - An offer of the Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of Arts -

Please note: Our workshops are mainly addressed at students of the University of Potsdam. If you are affiliated with another university please send an e-mail before your registration and ask whether we have capacities for external participants.

We regularly offer workshops both in German and English. You can find information about topics, dates, locations, and registration instructions usually first on our German-language website.

We are always trying to improve our seminars. Do you have any ideas or specific topics you would like us to address? Send an e-mail to:

Potsdam Graduate School

If you are a PhD student at the University of Potsdam we recommend the workshops offered by the Potsdam Graduate School.


If you have general questions concerning admission, registration or credit points etc. please have a look at our FAQ website.