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Buchtipp Juli 2022

Buchcover mit Feigen
Source: Open University Press

Writing at University: A Guide for Students (third edition)



Creme, Phyllis, and Mary R. Lea

2008, Open University Press, 232 pages
ISBN-13: 978 0 335 22116 5
Signatur in der Bereichsbibliothek Am Neuen Palais als Handapparat
Lokalkennzeichen: 1871


Are you a non-native speaker of English and/or an international student? Do you have writing assignments for your bachelor’s or master’s program that you need to submit soon? If so, then the book Writing at University: A Guide for Students (2008) by Phyllis Crème and Mary R. Lea can be a constant companion, guide, and a trusted friend during your writing journey. This book is based on enriching conversations the authors had with student writers, writing tutors, and researchers; and is the result of over ten years of research conducted on academic writing.

The most attractive feature of this book is the way it is structured – it has short sections which are easy to read and understand, even in the rush of an approaching deadline. For visual learners, this book contains thought-provoking illustrations prepared by student-writers, thereby making the concepts easier to understand and apply. Moreover, after each section, there are text boxes with short writing activities that can be quickly tried out and integrated in your writing. 

This book also looks at important key elements of academic writing such as developing an argument, linking theory with evidence, developing a central idea, or using evidence to support your argument. It also deals with different writing approaches e.g. writing a traditional essay, writing reports, writing about a subject field from a particular perspective, journalistic writing for academic or professional readers, summary writing, evaluating a piece of research, or providing a critique/commentary/review of a book or a journal article. 

This book aims at helping students to use writing as a learning tool, i.e. find ways of placing writing at the center of your learning process. This concept is an approach that most universities in Germany embrace – writing course assignment is interrelated with learning various concepts. So, as you learn to write in a certain manner for your subject, you learn how to make sense of that subject – and this book will help you with precisely that!

Overall, this is a great go-to book for students in disciplinary or interdisciplinary fields and can be referred to at any stage in the writing process.


Reviewed by Rhituparna Chakraborty, July 2022


Buchcover mit Feigen
Source: Open University Press