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Buchtipp Februar 2022

Photo: Cambridge

Writing Essays in English Language and Linguistics:
Principles, Tips and Strategies for Undergraduates


Murray, Neil
2012, Cambridge University Press, 236 pages
ISBN 978-0-521-12846-9
Signatur Golm/IKMZ: AK 39580 MUR


Are you just starting your bachelor's degree and are unsure how to write a term paper? Or are you interested in brushing up on your knowledge about essay writing? Then ‘Writing Essays in English Language and Linguistics’ may be of interest to you. Whether you read it from front to back as a step-by-step guide while writing a paper or browse through it to learn about one particular topic, this book offers a treasure trove of information on academic writing.

The first part of the book focuses on the fundamental principles of academic writing. This section covers, among other things, how writing assignments in university differ from school assignments, why paragraphs are important, and how to provide evidence for statements.

The book’s more extensive second part guides the reader through the steps of writing a term paper. All phases of the writing process from the initial information-gathering to the final edit are discussed in detail. Aspects of writing in a university context that tend to cause uncertainty for students, such as citation and academic writing style, are given their own chapters.

Throughout the book an illustrative variety of tips, checklists and examples facilitate learning and the exercises included in each chapter offer the reader ample opportunity to test their newly acquired knowledge.

While this book is intended as a discipline-specific guide for English language and linguistics students, it contains enough general advice on academic writing to be of use for people with a different academic background, especially those who are writing a term paper in English for the first time.

Reviewed by Fiona Wünsch, January 2022

Photo: Cambridge