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Buchtipp April 2022

Source: Imperial College Press

Science Research Writing –
For Non-Native Speakers of English




Glasman-Deal, Hilary
2010, London: Imperial College Press, 257 Seiten
ISBN-13 978-1-84816-310-2
Signature (Golm and Babelsberg): AK 39580 GLA


Do you need an introduction or refreshment in writing science research publications, papers, and articles in English? For that purpose, I would like to introduce you to this user-friendly guide by Hilary Glasman-Deal. This book guides the reader through the process of writing science research and help with writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in English. It is a fast, do-it-yourself guide as all topics are explained step-by-step and deepened with exercises.

The author explains the language conventions and structures in a very understandable way and provides the readers with grammar and vocabulary tools. The chapters are divided as in a scientific paper: Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion/Conclusion, and Abstract. This not only makes the reading orientation very easy, but also conveys the structure of a scientific paper simultaneously. This means that this book can be used as an assistance throughout the entire writing process.

In each chapter, there are sample texts and exercises for a better understanding. These can be used as orientation in one's own writing process. The numerous vocabulary lists, which contain the most research-relevant phrases, are also helpful.

Although, the title makes it sound like this book is only for non-native speakers of English, of course this guide is also helpful for native speakers – especially in terms of structure and language use in the scientific context.


For those who are interested in learning more about this topic, I recommend that you also check out the second edition: “Science Research Writing for native and non-native speakers of English” (2020) by Hilary Glasman-Deal. This edition contains even more tips and checklists. In addition, the author has written a chapter on how to write the title. This book can be found under the same signature in the University Library in Babelsberg.


More information about the books can be found here: first edition, second edition

First edition:

Second edition:


Reviewed by Janina Deilke, March 2022

Source: Imperial College Press