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Buchtipp Mai 2021

Photo: Hueber Verlag

Writing Research Papers.
From Essay to Research Paper




Zemach, Dorothy E. / Broudy, Daniel and Valvona, Chris
2011, Hueber Verlag/Macmillan Education, 120 pages
ISBN: 978-3-19-252576-6
Book number at 'Mediothek Am Neuen Palais':

Are you struggling to write academic papers? You can't figure out what actually is the 'academic style'? Are you in need for a companion to guide you through the process of learning academic writing? Then this might be a book right for you. 

'Writing Research Papers' is an excellent, interactive coursebook about everything academic. In only 12 chapters, the most important topics are covered and explained in brief sections.

Concerning the contents, the respective chapters are very informative while not covering all there is to know. Afterall, some of the required information must be found elsewhere. However, this book gives an overview of many of the most important terms, concepts and guidelines regarding academic writing. This includes exercises for peer reviews, literature research, and in-text citations as well as plagiarism, the academic language, and even presenting your own research.

Overall, working and sharing one's thoughts with others is one of the most important concepts in this book. It relies on working with peers and fellow students to master 'academic writing' together. Additionally, the book teaches the academic style of writing 'step-by-step' which makes it easy to follow. As teamwork usually presents a dominant part of studying and pursuing an academic career, this book's methodology might play right into developing this particular 'soft skill'.

This book is not one to read, but rather a book to work with. For students with basic knowledge of 'academic writing' this most likely is easy to read.

By providing a clear and consistent structure, the authors live up to one's expectation when consulting an academic guidebook. Certainly, this companion increases the reader's awareness of possible faults while teaching in a relaxed yet determined way.


Reviewed by Maximilian Wiesner, May 2021

Photo: Hueber Verlag