Pencil pointing to the word “networking” in an open dictionary.
Photo: Geeske Strecker

The Writing Assistance Program at the University of Potsdam follows an overarching approach: Our services are for all students at the University of Potsdam. One of the important principles of the Writing Assistance Program is to remain in one’s own field of expertise. To do this, we work together in a network with affiliated University services:


Advising and Support for Special Target Groups

Writing problems,
health problems or disability,
special higher education entrance qualifications,

Advising and Support for Writing Novices and Experts

First-year students,
experienced students,
students completing their degrees,
doctoral candidates,

Advising and Support for Unfamiliar Kinds of Texts

- Application
- Statement of purpose

Subject-specific Offerings

To develop subject-specific content and to answer subject-specific quest

Academic Writing Services

- Research
- Formatting assistance
- Presentation coaching

External cooperation and memberships ensure that our Writing Advisors receive further training on a consistent basis: