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Language courses online

young man with tablet computer learning a foreign language
Photo: © ferlistockphoto


German course for beginners and for free.


Free vocabulary training and introductory courses; access to language courses for a small monthly fee

D.A.S. Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen

Intensive classes as well as evening and one-to-one online classes for all language levels


More than 20.000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises as well as interactive lessons.

Deutsche Welle

Free German courses for all proficiency levels - offered by Germany's international broadcaster "Deutsche Welle"

DUO - Deutsch-Uni Online

German courses and exams for all proficiency levels, especially for academics and those interested in university study; subject to a fee


Free German courses for all proficiency levels


Groups of 6-8 students which meet twice a week in a virtual classroom. There a range of classes offered on various days of the week in different time slots. 

Practise German (Goethe Institut)

Short games, films and exercises on the daily life in Germany - level A1 is prerequisite

Potsdam Science Park

Fee required German and English language courses for all levels.

Adult Education Center - Volkshochschule (VHS)

German courses for different language levels, recognized by German authorities.