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Residence Permit for Partners and Children

family with baggage at the airport
Photo: © NicoElNino

EU citizens

Freedom of movement applies for EU citizens, which means that you have the right to enter into any member state and take up residence there. Furthermore, you may work in any member state, whether employed or self-employed, permanently or temporarily. This right also applies for family members (typically spouses and children) who accompany an EU citizen with freedom of movement, regardless of the nationality of these family members. There is an age limit of 21 years for accompanying children with third-state nationality.

Non-EU citizens

Your spouse and your minor children (up to the age of 16) can move to join you if you have a residence permit in Germany, financing for your family members is secured, and you have sufficient residential space. Children who have completed their 16th year can only join you if they have sufficient language skills.

The duration of a stay for your family members is aligned with the validity of your residence permit.

If your accompanying spouse is planning to take up scientific employment or to study in Germany, he / she should apply before entering Germany for the respective visa for studies / doctoral studies / visiting scholars (of course, only if your partner needs an entry visa in general).

Your accompanying / trailing spouse is allowed to work in Germany if you have a residence permit under §§ 16b, 18b, 18c or 18d.