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"Telegrafenberg" Service Center - GFZ, PIK, AWI, AIP

Local contacts for the researchers belonging to one of the institutes at Telegrafenberg are Ms. Pia Sójka and Ms. Lydia Bauer.

Lydia Bauer

Lydia Bauer

Phone: +49.331.6264-2322
E-mail: welcome-center[at]; lbauer[at]
Skype: welcomecentertelegrafenberg
Telegrafenberg | A 34, Room 207 | 14473 Potsdam

Pia Sójka

Dr. Pia Sójka

Phone: +49.331.6264-2326
E-mail: welcome-center[at]; psojka[at]
*Currently with reduced work hours*

Service hours by phone

Monday - Friday 8:30-15:30
Personal consultation by appointment

Jette Sassen

Jette Sassen

Student assistant
E-mail: sassen[at]