Researchers at Risk

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The Welcome Center Potsdam offers initial consultations and the following services:

  • Information on research and funding opportunities
  • Identification of potential hosts for making contacts
  • Becoming part of the UP community means that you have access to all of the services provided by the Welcome Center
  • Mediation of additional help and support, inside and outside of the UP

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Online Teaching Assignments

For scientists who are unable to continue their teaching and research activities due to war, threat or persecution in their home country.
Deadline for application: 10th February, 2023

Completion Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates at Risk

Fellowships to complete the doctorate of at-risk doctoral students for a period of between 12 and 30 months. Nomination by supervisor required.
Deadline for nomination: 15th March, 2023

Science at Risk | Lecture Series 2022

Science at Risk | Lecture Series

More than a 100 scholars from Ukraine, Belarus und Russia will give online lectures for their students at home, for students at German universities as well as for a scientific and public audience.

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Donation Opportunities

Information on the emergency fund for students affected by the Ukraine war and other donation opportunities at the University of Potsdam

Ukraine | You need support?

Ukraine | You would like to offer support?



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Further funding options for threatend researchers

Sponsorship programs for threatend researchers and
Funding options via universities and research institutions

Philipp Schwartz Initiative | Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Hilde Domin Programm | DAAD

Bridge Scholarships Iran | DAAD

Scholars at Risk Network


Claudia Rößling


Claudia Rößling
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