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pupils in school
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School attendance is mandatory in Germany for all children from the age of 6 to 16. Attending public schools is free of charge. Private and international schools, as well as independent schools, charge monthly tuition.

You can choose the school that your children attend; private and independent schools, as well as Gymnasiums (college preparatory schools) have their own selection processes. For public schools, an important criterion is proximity to the school. Children from other residential areas can only be accepted if the school has capacity. You always register your child at the school of your choice or at the school that is assigned to your residential area. Please contact the school administration to find out about how to go about registering your child.

Required Documents:

  • Proof of registration of residence (found at Citzen Services or the Welcome Center in Potsdam's City Hall)
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Residence visa (not required for EU citizens)
  • Documentation of previous performance and accomplishments

Children from the 7th to 13th grade and their parents can also receive advice about choosing a school from the Youth Migration Service:

Schlossstrasse 1

14469 Potsdam

Phone +49 331 237 09 76


The school system in Brandenburg

The school system in the state of Brandenburg is organized in a three-part system:

Level Grade Child's age School types
Primary school 1 to 6 5-7 to 9-11 Elementary school, comprehensive school with primary school, school for children with learning disabilities
Secondary school I 7 to 10 9-11 to 15-17 Comprehensive school, secondary school, Gymnasium
Secondary school II 11 to 12/13 15-17 to 18-20 Comprehensive school, Gymnasium, upper school system

If you have questions or encounter difficulties in registering your child at a school in Potsdam:


Regional Office for Schools and Teacher Education
Kirchhofstrasse 1/2
14776 Brandenburg

School System in Berlin

Detailed information about Berlin's school system, useful hints for parents with school children and addresses of schools in Berlin may be found here.

If you have questions or encounter difficulties in registering your child at a school in Berlin:


School offices in Berlin