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Leaving Potsdam & Berlin

Photo: Fritze

Before you finish your research or work in Potsdam or Germany, there are a few things that you should take care of. We have assembled some useful information for you that should help with planning for your departure:

  • Terminating your rental contract
  • Filing a notice of departure at the Citizen Services Office in Potsdam / Citizen Center in Berlin
  • Closing your bank account
  • Filing a notice of departure with the fee collection service of ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio
  • The complete list follows: Departure Checklist

Income Tax Return

Information on options regarding partial tax refunds, contacts to tax advisors (with foreign-language proficiency), as well as general information on the German tax system


Information on securing the pension entitlements that you have paid for in Germany, as well as general information and contacts for German pension insurance and VBL

Research Alumni Program

Would you like to join the alumni of the University of Potsdam? Find out here how it works